Finite Beings Of Infinite GOD


GOD is infinite but we as physical beings are Finite

But how can that be appropriate. If god is infinite and he created all of us then we should be infinite too.

The truth is that our soul which lives inside the living beings is infinite. So in this way we all are infinite too.

All our pain, worries, disappointments, sufferings and even attachments in this world are temporary and finite. But we think of them as real. The truth is that there is only one reality and that is the creator himself and he lies in each one of us in the form of soul. We are like the drops of the ocean. We workship god because we think he is separated so we try to find him outside in temples, churches, mosque etc. But the truth is that god is not separated from us, he is inside each one of us. When we go within ourselves by withdrawing our attention inside we find that there is only one consciousness not two.

So if you want to experience the ultimate infinite love, joy and happiness then we must seek inside, not outside because everything outside is temporary and finite.


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